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Owner: menyhertne
Date: 9.9.2012

Terms and conditions


This year the Danubius Hotels group is celebrating its 40th birthday and to mark the occasion we are launching a photo competition. The competition’s slogan is “This is how we vacationed at Danubius over the past 40 years.”
To enter and qualify for the chance to win valuable prizes, please upload your photographs taken over the past 40 years, at one of our hotels to the www.danubiusphoto.com website.
Ten winners will be chosen from a selection of the most beautiful, unique or “retro” photos submitted, and will each receive a Danubius wellness gift pack.
The Grand Prize is a four-night, full board stay for two at a Danubius hotel of your choice (in Hungary, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Transylvania).
The deadline for uploading your pictures is September 30th, 2012.
The competition judging will take place on October 15th, 2012. The winners will be notified via e-mail and the results posted on the www.danubiusphoto.com website no later than October 31st, 2012.

The competition is organised by:
The publisher and organiser of the photo competition is the Danubius Hotel and Spa Public Limited Company (headquarter: H-1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 11, company registration number: 01-10-041120, tax number: 10219522-2-44).
Terms and conditions for participation:
The competition is open to anybody irrespective of age, place of residence or profession, except the employees of Danubius Zrt or its partner companies.
Participation is by a maximum of three photos. The photos can be uploaded in JPEG format in maximum 3 MB size.
Application is only by own photo(s), the person uploading the photo shall have full legal, financial and moral responsibility for any potential copyright issues.
Any pictures awarded in previous Danubius Photo Competitions shall be excluded from the competition.
The competition is only for photos taken in Danubius hotels (England, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania), and of Danubius hotels or their environment.
The applicants by submitting the photos agree to have the uploaded image(s) published by Danubius on the www.danubiusphoto.com website and the Danubius facebook pages (www.facebook.com/danubiushotels; www.facebook.com/danubiuseurope), as well as to have the winning pictures used by Danubius on their own website or in their marketing material for an indefinite time without any compensation.
Prior to uploading the photo(s), the applicants are obliged to obtain the declaration of consent of those on the images; this is necessary for uploading and publishing the photos. The applicants shall submit the required declaration of consent of those on the photos on request by Danubius within five working days. In case of failure to do so, Danubius reserves the right to remove the photo uploaded by the applicant from the website.
The publisher of the competition reserves the right to remove any photos that are not in compliance with the terms and conditions of participation or are in violation of public taste or decency from the website.
Uploading deadlines:
The photos can be uploaded to the website until 30 September 2012; closure of submission is 1 October 2012.
The deadline for the assessment of the entries will be 15 October 2012. The results will be sent to the winners in an e-mail, as well as published on the www.danubiusphoto.com website latest by 31 October 2012.
Selection of the winners is by an internal specialist committee of Danubius.
Ten winners will receive a Danubius wellness gift pack.
The Grand Prize is a four-night, full board stay for two at a Danubius hotel of your choice (in Hungary, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Transylvania).
The applicant accepts the terms and conditions of the competition by registering for the competition and uploading the photos.
For registering and to upload your photos please login here: click here to register >>>
Wishing you all success

By accepting the terms and conditions of the competition, the applicant agrees for their data to be included in the database of Danubius Zrt and for them to be used by Danubius Zrt for their own marketing activities until the withdrawal of the consent by those involved. Within the framework of this agreement Danubius may contact the applicant through electronic mails or by post with commercial offers.
Any data stored in the system is treated confidentially by Danubius Zrt. No data is provided to third parties. Handling of data is in compliance with the legal specifications regarding protection of personal data and public access to data of public interest in every respect.
Those applicants not wishing to receive personalised commercial offers in the future can de-register from our newsletter at any time or can send a written declaration for deleting their data to the newsletter@danubiushotels.com e-mail address.